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Murco provides a wide range of automatic taping tools that increase productivity, speed and efficiency, while significantly reducing effort.  They produce smooth, strong joints making it easier for novice and drywall professionals to create quality finishes. All Tapeworm tools are meticulously tested and inspected for proper workmanship and performance before shipment.



Murco’s Corner Box has a stainless steel nose cone that attaches to the angle head and dispenses joint compound over angles for the second coat, with accuracy and ease. Corner boxes are available in 5″ and 8″ sizes.



Murco’s Loading Pump is used to fill all the tapeworm tools with mud in a quick and easy manner. The loading pump comes in standard and quick twist style. Also available is the "quick clean" pump loading pump, with its gooseneck and pump adapter options (not shown), is used to fill all the tapeworm tools with mud in a quick and easy manner. 



Murco’s Corner Roller is used to firmly embed tape in corner angles and force out excess compound on inside corners.  



Murco’s durable Angle Head Finisher is manufactured to provide years of dependable service with its wide stainless steel frames designed to never rust and adjustable spring pressure for precision glazing and finishing. The angle head is available in 2, 2 ½, 3, & 4″ sizes.



Murco’s Flat Box applies joint compound over flat-taped joints and, when used in succession, 8″/10″/12″-wide boxes can cover tape with mud evenly, prior to texturing or painting.  DELRIN 900 Blade Carrier also provides consistent arcs that can’t be bent out of shape. * Handles are available in various lengths.



Built with stainless steel and aluminum parts for years of service, Murco’s Tapeworm Taper applies tape and joint cement simultaneously to all joints, whether flats or angles.  Its removable nose (plenum chamber) provides easy access for cleaning and clearing tape jams, while its patented torque limiter clutch limits the pressure on the piston cable so it lasts longer.  Murco’s Tapeworm Tapers are available in 48″ and 36″ with the same high quality features for long service life.


All Tapeworm tools carry an unconditional 90 day Warranty and a full two-year limited Warranty.  The two-year Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective material and/or parts, and does not cover normal wear or abuse.  Murco Wall Products assumes no responsibility for damage in transit and any claims for such damage should be presented to the carrier by the customer.

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